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my little bendy by matrixgamerJI my little bendy :iconmatrixgamerji:matrixgamerJI 54 4 Crying Sona by Alirras Crying Sona :iconalirras:Alirras 2 0 I'm changing here. by Alirras I'm changing here. :iconalirras:Alirras 4 0 Ahri Headshot by Alirras Ahri Headshot :iconalirras:Alirras 11 2 My New (Dumb Ass) Mary Sue Oc! by JadeGemRRB My New (Dumb Ass) Mary Sue Oc! :iconjadegemrrb:JadeGemRRB 38 24
Another Art Thief-StephaniexSans *Updates*
Check on this Journal for more details 
Found another art thief which happened to be an undertale fangirl (primarily pair with Sans). This person is bad, if not, worse than :iconciber-kitty: and :iconpetrishaundertale111: combine.
The user named StephaniexSans :iconstephaniexsans:
She stole the base and not bothering to credit the basemaker. Some of bases belong to :iconunderbases:

Undertale Collab 84 By Underbases-d9wgu90 by Pichu-Chan05
Whenever people call her out of stealing base, she yell at them, claiming that this is her work. 
People call her out and she yells a lot by Pichu-Chan05People call her out and she yells a lot 2 by Pichu-Chan05
Then she's been making kill art of Sans fangi
:iconpichu-chan05:Pichu-Chan05 3 11
Ciber-Kitty Rant (First Rant)
Now, before I start this rant, I will say this. I normally have no opinion with base users. If the base is used well (more than 10 seconds on Ms Paint) And it's not their entire Deviantart page, I might even respect them. My friend :iconxXBlueFireWolfXx: at least makes her own art, and tries with bases. But this...I don't even know what to say to this.
The Actual Rant Begins
:iconCiber-Kitty: AKA so called Sans wife and Foxy's senpai Is a base user on DeviantArt who I think doesn't even try. She uses collab bases from :iconUnderbases: and doesn't even credit the original base maker. She finds the base and credits Google itself. Now (in my opinion) she doesnt use the base correctly. Lets see an Example:

Ok, they're a lot of problems with this base usage.
1) Jpeg in Ms Paint
2) Obvious use of the fill tool
3) The lines she used are inconsequent
4) Didn't erase hair line so it looks weird
(Side note: This ba
:iconsaywhatchan:Saywhatchan 10 32
Time to spread the Words - Rant of Ciber-Kitty

Last time I post in Status about two people are art theif.
For start, I was using the Undertale Collab Base until I found some of bases that they didn't took time to edit. they also didn't give a credit to a base maker. I found two people and one of them saying they want to kill themselves because everybody hates them and Fictional Undertale characters Sans and Papyrus as their husbands; however, the one finally admitted that they were trolls while the other is unsure but highly possible.
This username made Ciber-Kitty.
 She stole collab from Underbases :iconUnderbases: Here's some of her "Art" that she use from collab bases.

The majority of people including me calling her out that she stole the base but unfortunately she either ignore i
:iconpichu-chan05:Pichu-Chan05 5 14
Rupee Headshot by Rupee Rupee Headshot :iconrupee:Rupee 22 5 Shima Icon by Rupee Shima Icon :iconrupee:Rupee 29 4 Jayde for Snowdrift by Rupee Jayde for Snowdrift :iconrupee:Rupee 83 14 Pink Champagne by bluefreak Pink Champagne :iconbluefreak:bluefreak 80 61 Dashing Party by 0r0ch1 Dashing Party :icon0r0ch1:0r0ch1 129 13 REFERENCE: LILBERT CHUGARD by LilChu REFERENCE: LILBERT CHUGARD :iconlilchu:LilChu 40 12 ME the CHARACTER by LilChu ME the CHARACTER :iconlilchu:LilChu 8 10 [FULL COMMISSION] - PULL THAT IN by LilChu [FULL COMMISSION] - PULL THAT IN :iconlilchu:LilChu 9 0 Registered & Protected 

Stamp - Flash User by firstfear Stop copying me by Ranniiee Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear
Csp Stamp by tsukimiin I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon
Stamp - MSPaint User by firstfear Stamp - Medibang Paint User by xiliuv Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ

Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by laprasking Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi Old school sonic stamp. by emo-city
Sonic Adventure Fan Stamp 1 by Ana-Mae +Sonic Rush Adventure Stamp+ by Fuzon-S STAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepje
Modern Sonic 2011 stamp by SA948-Stamps Amy 2011 by SA948-Stamps Amy fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog
SonAmy Gaze Stamp by Vertekins Sonamy Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16 SonAmy Stamp by LucaRiolu826
Tails 2011 stamp by SA948-Stamps Tails Stamp 2 by NoNamepje Super Silver :stamp: by Sayuri-Amaya
Rouge 2011 stamp by SA948-Stamps Shadow Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje
Tails Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Marine Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Cream stamp by PFV0-Stamp
Cream the Rabbit Stamp by catiexshadow SaSASR: Shadow User Stamp by MammaCarnage Don't Hate Cream Stamp by MoonWarriorAutumn
vanilla stamp by PFV0-Stamp Rouge Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Shadow Stamp 2 by NoNamepje
Rouge Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Rouge love by xRubiMalonex rouge fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog
Rouge Fan Stamp by Fastmon Stamp Rouge by Tikal-chan Proud Rouge Fan Stamp by I-Love-Tails21

please guys if you don`t like my work please don`t be rude and say shit about my art keep your rude comments to yourself please i`m not gonna deal with stupid people harassing me and my art


shade and effects no background
i know this si getting really expensive but i put a lot of work and time in my art that i barley have time to draw it will coast an extra 20 :points: for 2 or more characters tell me what style you want it in and if you want it in flash commission my flash drawings lol
Sai Flat color
30 :points: for a flat color plus it will coast extra 20 points for 2 or more characters ^w^ tell me what style you want it in 
Line Art
20 :points: for a line art and it will coast an extra 10 :points: or 2 or more characters
10 :points: for a sketch x3 it will coast no extra for 2 or more characters what color you want the sketch in?


StrawberrySundeaCake's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
My friends in Real life :iconpainttherosesred14: :icondrawingstar12:

Inspiration and idol :iconcruisinn: :iconspringbellebunny:

My online Father who i trust :icondarkwolfsin: he knows me very well and when i mean well i mean a few years ago

my secondary account :iconxxjohnsonsgirlxx:

here are some rules for my art

1. feel free to ship me with anyone you want even if its your oc but i strongly
recommend you ship me with my oc Matt since i`m trying to keep 1 ship lol

2. ask me if you want to draw any of my oc`s because people do trace or copy
my characters but i do like people doing gifts and surprises for me ^w^

3.Don`t recolor any of my pics because that would make me a sad and angry Porky Pine

4.if you want to reference any of my art for your art ask me first and make sure to credit
me for the reference you use because that would be nice to mention me :3

5.yes i do allow people to give me advice on my art since i`m trying to improve on my style

6.please follow my rules because if you do i will be a happy Porky Pine if not i be a sad and
angry Porky Pine :3

Main Info
:bulletpink: Birth Name: Tiffany M Kuhn
:bulletpink: Relationship statues: Single
:bulletpink: Birth Place: US
:bulletpink: Birthday: October 25th 1994
:bulletpink: High School: Parma High
:bulletpink: Class off: 2014
:bulletpink: Sexuality: Straight
:bulletpink: Nick Name: Strawberry Sundae
:bulletpink: Love Interest: Matt (My Oc)
:bulletpink: Crushing on: Dark Lloyd
:bulletred: Hates: bullies and people who lie
:bulletgreen: Disability: Learning Disability

My Fursona Info

- Female
- Single
- Porky Pine
- Care free
- English
- Piratically me in real life :3
- brown light fur Pale brown hair and tan face paws and ears!

Basic Shit

- Porky Pine/Tiff
- mary sue, Attention Whore, etc
- lilporky
- Bitch Dab... (Look at my Dab)
- Kind Helpful Friendly at times
- Ronald Mcdonald
- Depressing Life
- Fear
- Cute
- Sweet as a Strawberry
- Sensitive
- Lazy
- A Bit Chubby as an Anthro and Smol as a Feral
- Shy
- she's rude when people mention her in Drama post when she is not involve in drama,
- When she's Sad, she Hides her feelings away and locks them up


- Likes to draw, Strawberries, Bunnies, Cartoon characters, Billy and Mandy, Ponies, Furries, Pokemon, Sleep, Music/Songs, Computer, Friends, To talk with IRL friends, Random Youtubers, Video Games , McDonalds, Draw, Ice Cream, Milk , Strawberries


- Social Life, Bullies, Trolls , Cynical and Fake People, People who act like Victim, People who Fake their Disabilities, Bad Behavior and people who lie

Catch Phrases

''You as Sweet as strawberries", "MY SNAKES", "Sup Guys", "I don`t care." "Holy Shit", "Whatever", "Dumb Ass", "FABULOUSSS", "GO AWAY"
"Don`t Touch Me" ,Oh My Senpai, Yo,Wut? ,Matt is Mine! Don`t Touch Him (Why Me? :'D, Bit Me!, Shut Up!,


StrawberrySundeaCake has started a donation pool!
0 / 1,000
Feel free to donate points if you like since i`m thinking about doing cosplay and i really want to cosplay and take pics but i need your guys help so i can get my first cosplay costume :3

New Form by StrawberrySundeaCake Yay Summer by StrawberrySundeaCake Looking Good by StrawberrySundeaCake

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